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Search of residence leads to accusations of drug charges for 1

| May 4, 2017 | Drug Charges |

There are numerous divisions within law enforcement across the country that dedicate their efforts into reducing the flow of illegal drugs. These divisions often undertake investigations that can last several months. A recent investigation in Tennessee allegedly uncovered narcotics and drug paraphernalia at two separate residences, subsequently leading to the arrest of a man who is now facing drug charges.

Agents in a drug task force claim to have acquired information through an ongoing investigation indicating that a local residence was involved in the sale of heroin. After executing a search warrant at this location, along with another residence, they claim to have seized various amounts of drugs and paraphernalia at both locations. A man was taken into custody following the search and is apparently facing charges for possession with intent to deliver.

Although they claimed to have received information about one of the locations, there was no indication of what led them to search the second residence. Other than the allegations against the man in custody, there was no mention of the evidence against him. When facing similar charges, an accused individual is protected by the presumption of innocence. No conviction can occur unless the formal accusations are proved in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. 

The penalty for a conviction regarding drug charges is severe and can have a catastrophic impact on a person’s future. When facing a similar situation, an accused individual in Tennessee could speak with a defense attorney for assistance throughout this stressful and intimidating process. An attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and assist in forming a strategy designed to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable.

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