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Drug charges filed after discovery of marijuana, THC vape liquid

Tennessee law enforcement officials have routinely recovered marijuana in their drug investigations throughout the years. In some cases, officers have found marijuana plants being cultivated, while others have discovered the substance packaged and apparently ready for sale or distribution. Recently, drug charges were filed against two men for allegedly having marijuana in another form.

2 facing drug charges after arrest in Nashville

Heroin trafficking is becoming a serious problem in the state of Tennessee, according to law enforcement agencies. Police officers in Nashville have participated in an ongoing investigation of drug operations over the past six months. Two men were recently arrested and now face a variety of drug charges.

Man arrested on drug charges following search of home

Several counties in Tennessee have reported that drug trafficking is a significant problem in their respective areas. Many local law enforcement agencies routinely work with various task forces and other regional groups to combat the issue. As the groups work together, more arrests are being made throughout the state. An arrest for drug charges in Tennessee can have a long-lasting effect on someone's life. Two Decatur County men were recently arrested for alleged drug-related activities following the search of a home.

5 arrested in Nashville on drug charges

Police officers in Tennessee and elsewhere around the country often rely on tips from citizens to aid them in their work. Information received may lead to further investigation or possible arrests. A tip from a citizen recently led to the arrest of five people in Nashville for a variety of alleged drug charges.

Woman facing drug charges allowed police to search car

Some police officers depend on citizens' lack of understanding of their civil rights during traffic stops. For example, in most states, including Tennessee, police cannot search a vehicle without a search warrant unless the driver grants permission. Many people, especially young drivers, may feel they have to obey an officer's request. Once police find something incriminating in a car, that driver may face serious consequences, such as drug charges.

What are the penalties for growing or selling marijuana?

In the state of Tennessee, the use of marijuana is only legal for extremely limited medical applications. It is against the law to possess, cultivate or sell marijuana for recreational use. While most convictions are felonies, the possession of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor if it falls within certain guidelines. 

Tennessee umpire faces drug charges

Hundreds of students play middle school baseball every year in Tennessee and around the country. Umpires are employed to officiate games and ensure that players and coaches abide by the established rules. Recent reports state that a Pulaski umpire who had begun officiating games this spring faces drug charges.

Search of residence leads to accusations of drug charges for 1

There are numerous divisions within law enforcement across the country that dedicate their efforts into reducing the flow of illegal drugs. These divisions often undertake investigations that can last several months. A recent investigation in Tennessee allegedly uncovered narcotics and drug paraphernalia at two separate residences, subsequently leading to the arrest of a man who is now facing drug charges.

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