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3 things to do if police pull you over for a traffic stop

It will happen to you at some point in your life. One day, you will be heading home from work or running errands and a police officer will pull you over. This may be a frightening and unnerving thought, especially if you are drunk or speeding. After all, traffic stops are never an enjoyable experience.

How sober individuals can be charged with DUI

When it comes to criminal justice, the quote, "Innocent until proven guilty," is popular for a reason although not always practiced. In fact, it so happens that sometimes, police overreach their authority or make honest mistakes and charge sober people with DUIs. Sometimes, there is a DUI law that you never knew existed.

Tennessee's drug offenders need treatment, not incarceration

If you suffer from a serious drug addiction, you may understand that addiction can lead you to do things you may otherwise never consider. Many drug addicts who once led a crime-free lifestyle end up breaking laws they would not have before. An increasingly popular program available in some parts of Tennessee strives to help addicts kick addiction and return to a life free of drugs and crime.

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