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Posts tagged "Theft & Property Crimes"

Former president of school's PTO facing theft charges

Parent-Teacher Organizations are prevalent at many schools throughout Tennessee and all across the country. The volunteers often work together to raise funds for school improvements, teacher appreciation or student programs. One former PTO president was recently arrested and accused of theft from her school's organization in East Tennessee.

Theft and property crimes: 3 men facing charges in La Vergne

Many Tennessee residents visit convenience stores all across the state for a variety of reasons. They may stop to pick up a few essential items in the market or fill up their vehicles with gas. However, three individuals allegedly picked up something outside the market that didn't belong to them and are now faced with a variety of charges against them. The three have been charged with theft and property crimes following an incident in La Vergne.

Multiple men charged with theft after Tennessee traffic stop

Many people may think that having criminal charges brought against them is their worst nightmare. Nightmarish or not, many people face criminal allegations across the country every day. The ways in which individuals choose to address their cases often differ, and someone accused of theft may choose to build a defense differently than someone accused of a different type of crime.

Theft and property crimes: Items worth $600,000 recovered

Undercover operations are frequently utilized by law enforcement agencies in Tennessee and other states in the country. Officers often work for many months within various operations before any arrests are made. Recently, several people were arrested in Shelby County for theft and property crimes following a 10-month investigation.

4 charged with Nashville area theft and property crimes

Stealing something in the state of Tennessee can lead to some serious consequences. Penalties for various theft and property crimes can range from fines to a significant amount of time in jail. Four people were recently arrested after stolen items were allegedly discovered outside Nashville.

Theft and property crimes: Tennessee sees increase in gun thefts

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reports that Tennessee is experiencing an increase in the number of gun thefts. Gun shop owners are concerned about theft and property crimes of this nature. A recent robbery at a gun shop in LaVergne appears to be part of a trend where larger numbers of firearms are being stolen at one time.

Theft and property crimes: Stolen property found in Bluff City

Approximately $1 million worth of stolen property was recently recovered in Tennessee, according to the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office. In an interview with the Sheriff, he stated that this is purportedly one of the largest theft and property crimes ever reported in the county. Authorities report that a tip led them to a Bluff City property where several allegedly stolen items were found.

Theft and property crimes: Man robbed on his front porch

The state of Tennessee has different laws regarding robbery, burglary and theft. Depending on the severity of the charge, the action could be defined as a misdemeanor or a felony. For example, consequences for theft and property crimes may range from fines to significant jail time. A Murfreesboro man was recently charged with robbing someone at his home.

Former manager charged with theft and property crimes

Being charged with a crime in Tennessee can affect almost all areas of a person's life. If convicted, someone may have to pay fines, be put on probation, or even go to jail, depending on the severity of the crime. A Coffee County woman faces charges of theft and property crimes.

Man charged with theft and property crimes fled from officers

Tennessee police are searching for a Sevierville man who reportedly ran from them after being stopped for questioning. The 30-year-old man is being sought for his alleged actions in recent incidents involving suspected stolen property. Police believe he may have been involved in two separate theft and property crimes in neighboring counties. Arrest warrants have been issued for the man in both Sevier and Jefferson counties.

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