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juvenile crimes Archives

Tennessee teens charged with juvenile crimes

Teenagers often say things without thinking. To make matters worse, they often repeat things they hear without verifying information. The majority of the time, this lack of thinking causes only minor problems and is quickly resolved. However, in today's society, when a Tennessee student makes comments related to gun violence and schools, he or she can be charged with a variety of juvenile crimes, which could result in a lifetime of consequences.

Juvenile crimes: Oak Ridge teen arrested following explosions

Many teenagers across the state of Tennessee want to grow up quickly. They want to do things all on their own and be as independent as possible. However, since they are still young and are not always acting maturely, some questionable behavior may occur. There are also instances when the actions of some youth result in juvenile crimes. This was recently the case in an incident in Oak Ridge.

Task force recommends changes in process for juvenile crimes

Minors can get into some trouble with the legal system. There is a court system specifically designated to deal with juvenile crimes. However, according to a report from the Tennessee Blue Ribbon Task Force, there has been little consistency in the treatment of minors in the justice system.

Process for moving juvenile crimes into adult court

Teenagers in Tennessee often act in immature ways. This is understandable since they have not yet reached adulthood. Unfortunately, some teens cross the line of the law and commit juvenile crimes. Many of these types of cases remain in juvenile court. However, some, depending on their severity, may be moved to adult court.

Juvenile crimes increasing in Tennessee neighborhood

Crime can occur across the state of Tennessee in any neighborhood, regardless of its socio-economic status. Residents in some affluent neighborhoods have even assumed they were immune from crime since very little had occurred in their areas in the past. However, one Nashville community has seen a recent increase in felonies, particularly juvenile crimes.

Juvenile crimes require specialized attention

Virtually everyone makes mistakes during their youth. While some transgressions are understandably more serious than others, being accused of committing juvenile crimes should not lead to life-long repercussions. Tennessee parents should treat any type of legal indiscretion seriously, as their children's futures are on the line. Often, the best approach is to contact an experienced juvenile law attorney who best understands the complicated matter at hand.

Juvenile crimes: Nashville teen arrested for alleged carjacking

Teenagers in Tennessee often socialize with older teens aged 18 or over who are already considered to be young adults. In most instances, there are no problems with the associations. However, if those involved participate in any illegal activities, criminal charges could occur. Those 18 and over would be tried as adults, while minor teenagers would face charges for juvenile crimes. A teenager was recently arrested for suspected involvement in an alleged carjacking.

Juvenile crimes: Topic of debate in Tennessee

There is significant controversy in the state of Tennessee regarding a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court banned mandatory life-without-parole sentences for people under 18 years of age. The questions have arisen because judges and juries must choose between life in prison or life with the possibility of parole after 51 years in prison for those convicted of certain juvenile crimes. Reform advocates believe that these options are harsh.

Video complicates defense of theft and property crimes charges

Technology can be amazing, and law enforcement more frequently uses technological advances to fight and solve crimes. Citizens in Tennessee may also employ their own technology to protect their homes and belongings from theft and property crimes. Burglar alarms, surveillance equipment and even social media are becoming common tools in fighting crime.

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