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Driver, passenger facing drunk driving charges following chase

Speeding on Tennessee roads and highways is never a good idea for motorists, especially if a driver has been drinking. Law enforcement officials across the state are cracking down on drunk driving and are rather vigilant about spotting drivers who are under the influence. A man from a neighboring state was recently stopped for speeding, then found himself facing more serious drug charges.

Woman faces 2 drunk driving charges

A woman in Knoxville is facing her second DUI charge after her vehicle reportedly struck a home off the Horton Highway. The 32-year-old Tennessee woman was arrested just after 10 a.m. the morning of July 19 and charged with drunk driving. She also faces charges for driving with a revoked license, as well as violation of the implied consent law.

Tennessee man charged with drunk driving after police chase

Charges for being intoxicated behind the wheel of a motor vehicle are no small matter, and may be particularly difficult when filed in conjunction with other charges. This appears to be the case for a Tennessee man who is charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment and driving with a revoked license. He had one passenger in his vehicle at the time of his arrest, but she was not charged.

Tennessee driver charged with drunk driving

A woman believed to have picked up a group of students while intoxicated is facing serious charges in Sweetwater, according to local sources. Tennessee authorities arrested the woman on suspicion of drunk driving on the afternoon of May 21. She faces a DUI charge as well as four counts of felony recklessness. If she is found guilty, she could go to jail for a substantial period of time and lose her driver's license, possibly permanently. 

Law proposed that would affect charges related to drunk driving

Blood tests, as well as breath tests, are often administered to drivers when police suspect them of driving under the influence. While someone stopped for alleged drunk driving can refuse to take one of these tests, he or she may currently face other charges if they do. The Tennessee legislature is considering a change in the law that would eliminate the criminal charges for not agreeing to undergo the blood or breath tests.

Drunk driving charge can be challenged on several grounds

The Tennessee Highway Patrol never knows what it is in for when it pulls over a vehicle on a traffic stop. Where erratic driving is observed, the police will always check for signs of drunk driving. In one recent incident, a Highway Patrol Trooper claims that he attempted to make a traffic stop, but the suspect car containing a driver and one passenger crashed before he could accomplish the task.

Court rules that state lab can't be paid for drunk driving test

In the state of Tennessee, motorists must often undergo a blood or breath test if they have been stopped for driving under the influence. In fact, many charges for drunk driving stem from the results of such tests. However, the state appellate court recently ruled that it is unconstitutional to pay fees to the labs conducting the tests.

Truck driver faces drunk driving charges following stop

Commercial trucks of every size frequently occupy the roads in the state of Tennessee. Companies often use this form of transportation to transfer goods across the country. The truck drivers may come from any state in the union and simply plan on driving through the state. Unfortunately, one visitor to Tennessee may find himself staying a little longer than he anticipated, as he now faces charges of alleged drunk driving, among others.

Increased checkpoints throughout state to reduce drunk driving

The holiday season is often a time of hustle and bustle for Tennessee residents and others across the country. Parties and other gatherings are frequently on the calendars of many people for this time of year. Party attendees may choose to partake of alcoholic beverages during their celebrations. However, after the festivities are over, it is never a good idea to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Law enforcement officials in the state have announced plans to crack down on drunk driving through the end of December.

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