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drug charges Archives

3 facing drug charges in Cocke Country following arrests

Tennessee law enforcement officials frequently receive tips about suspected drug activity throughout the state. Officers in Newport recently followed up on information received about alleged drug activity. This led to the arrest of three individuals on a variety of drug charges.

2 facing drug charges following search of Sweetwater home

Police in Tennessee from various law enforcement agencies frequently join forces to work together. Officers often obtain search warrants when alleged drug activity is suspected at a residence. Recently, a search conducted at a home in Sweetwater led to the arrest of two men after drugs were reportedly discovered. The men now face various drug charges following the arrests.

Drug charges likely following recent Wilson County arrests

Many Tennessee residents have had parties at their homes at one time or another. During those times, there were likely cars coming and going while the party was underway. Recently, such activity at one home caught the eye of local police officers. An investigation of the activity led to several arrests for drug charges in Wilson County.

Six months of investigation lead to drug charges in Tennessee

Six people in Tennessee are currently behind bars while another reportedly remains at large in the aftermath of a major police investigation. Seven people were indicted on drug charges stemming from the investigation. The situation began when two people in a local area died of drug overdoses.  

5 facing drug charges after Nashville raids

Law enforcement agencies in Tennessee often work together when investigating alleged drug operations. Various organizations recently teamed up in Nashville to address reported drug activity in some residential areas of the city. Five individuals are now facing a variety of drug charges following a series of raids by police officers.

Tennessee man faces drug charges

A man in Lawrenceburg is facing serious charges following his arrest by local sheriff's deputies, according to a recent report. A captain in the Tennessee county's local law enforcement has confirmed that the 34-year-old man is facing a variety of drug charges. The man is currently being held in a county jail against $279,000 bail. No court date has been announced at this time. 

2 Tennessee police officers face drug charges

Two officers in Memphis have been charged in connection with an alleged drug transport they are believed to have taken part in. Tennessee authorities have confirmed that the two police officers, both men aged 41 and 25, are facing drug charges including conspiracy to distribute. These two officers were set to be arraigned on April 16. 

Morristown residents facing drug charges after arrests

Tennessee law enforcement officials are very vocal about their efforts to reduce drug activity within the state. Various agencies often combine resources to investigate alleged activity. The investigations often include many personnel and are conducted over a long period of time. A recent effort among local and state personnel resulted in the arrests of 14 individuals on several drug charges.

Routine traffic stop results in drug charges against driver

A good number of Tennessee motorists have been known to exceed the speed limit on occasion when driving. Highway patrol officers and other law enforcement personnel are often on the watch for speeding drivers and will pull them over to ticket them when spotted. Unfortunately, one driver who was recently stopped for speeding received more than a ticket. After a search of his vehicle, the driver faces drug charges after several illegal substances were allegedly discovered.

Men facing drug charges after seizure of drugs in Murfreesboro

A drug called MDMA, also known as Molly or Ecstasy, has gained popularity in Tennessee and other parts of the country. The drug is considered to be a stimulant or hallucinogen and is used to alter one's mood. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that those who use it may feel energetic, yet experience problems with time and sensory perception. While use of the drug is a crime in Tennessee, distributing it would be a more serious offense. Two men are facing drug charges surrounding their alleged involvement in a purported distribution cell in Murfreesboro.

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