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When can drug possession become a felony?

Tennessee is particularly harsh on drug laws. If the defendant gets a conviction for manufacturing, delivering or possessing the drug with intent, then they receive felony charges. As a result, they spend significantly more time in prison and have higher fees to pay off, making the recovery process all the more difficult no matter what age you are. College students would lose their scholarships while facing potential expulsion and adults would have a hard time finding a new job with a criminal record.

What you should know about public intoxication charges

There are many occasions that may lead to a person drinking to the point of intoxication. Some are celebratory, others less so. How a person acts while they are intoxicated can vary widely, and so can the laws related to public intoxication across the country.

Ho, ho, no: Handling traffic stops during the holidays

During the holiday season, most folks use vacation days to visit friends, family or entertainment venues. For those enjoying The Island, the ensuing gatherings can be full-filled. For those dealing with in-laws at get-togethers, the run-ins may be stressful. Whatever the vibe of the event, these feelings typically lessen during the car ride home as drivers take advantage of the ride home to decompress. For drivers who find speeding helps them to relax, getting pulled over for traveling at excess speeds will definitely wreck their ability to unwind. Law enforcement knows the season's revelry often leads to poor driving and institutes safety checks to reduce the chances of collisions.

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