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Keep needs of the children in mind when creating a parenting plan

| Jan 3, 2020 | Divorce |

Tennessee co-parents want what is best for their children. This means that they must design an effective parenting plan. Cooperation between the parents is a must for a plan to work. Also, the plan should be created according to what the children need as they go through different stages of their lives.

It has been recommended that babies and toddlers spend the majority of their time with a primary caretaker. They need consistency. The co-parent who is not the primary caretaker should visit a couple of times a week and spent several hours with the baby or toddler. Each parent should spend a reasonable amount of time with their young children each week in order for them to develop a healthy attachment to them.

The visitation plan can be adjusted as a child gets older. Younger children usually have a school routine and independent activities that add structure to their lives in addition to the time they spend with their parents. This means that they have the ability to cope better with the time that is spent outside of the primary caretaker’s home. It is also common for children who are younger to have an open attitude toward the non-primary caretaker.

As the children get older and become teenagers, some time needs to be factored in for their social lives. Teens are likely to have busy schedules, but parenting time is still essential.

Flexibility is needed when it comes to developing an effective co-parenting plan. Some co-parents feel concerned that the other co-parent is not cooperating or often fails to hold up their end of the agreement. After a person has been through a divorce, an attorney may answer questions they have about custody and visitation. An attorney may also be able to adjust parenting plans or even help one parent seek full custody.