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Keeping control of personal finances during a divorce

It's no secret that money problems are near the top of the list as to why Tennessee couples and others throughout the country divorce. Some divorced individuals blame debt and student loans on the reason for their divorce. Divorce can also leave individuals struggling to pick up the pieces in a financial sense. Here are a few things individuals can do to stay in control of their finances during the divorce process.

When can a police officer search my vehicle?

It can be alarming and confusing when a police officer asks to search your vehicle after pulling you over. They may phrase it in such a way that you feel you can’t refuse. However, you have the right to refuse a search request. A police officer must have probable cause in order to conduct a search on your car.

Determining when bankruptcy is the best option

Bankruptcy is a tool that some Tennessee residents have used to get control of their finances. However, deciding to file for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. For example, some individuals may have over $20,000 in credit card debt along with a car loan and wonder if bankruptcy is the best option for them.

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