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A new study identifies the most common causes of divorce.

| Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce |

Tennessee couples may be interested in a recent survey that sheds light on why some marriages ultimately fail. While the U.S. divorce rate is falling, it remains high. In many cases, multiple factors contribute to the ultimate demise of a marriage

The study was conducted by a survey of participants in a relationship enhancement program. Researchers went back to the participants 14 years after the program took place and interviewed those who ultimately divorced.

Two of the most popular reasons given were general in nature. Lack of commitment and too much conflict were cited in over two-thirds of the cases. For those claiming lack of commitment, lack of romance was a common issue. Participants also cited extramarital affairs as a reason in nearly 60 percent of the responses. Often, it was listed as a final straw in ending the marriage.

Nearly half of the participants in the survey stated that marrying too young was a reason. This response may be surprising because today’s couples marry later in life than in the past. The average age of for new brides and grooms today is the late 20s. Hal a century ago, however, the average age was the early 20s. In some cases, serious issues led to the splits. For example, domestic abuse and substance abuse were given as reasons in over one-third of the responses.

No matter the reason, terminating a marriage can create a number of issues for a soon-to-be ex. The issues can be financial, emotional and practical. However, legal counsel could help a client by plotting a course of action to reduce the negative effects of these issues.