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Understand why teens commit juvenile crimes

| Sep 20, 2018 | Juvenile Crimes |

Teenagers in Tennessee and all across the country do not always make the wisest of decisions. In fact, not many individuals would be proud of every choice he or she made as an adolescent. While the vast majority of teens’ actions are harmless, others have led to some serious consequences. Earlier in 2018, a 13-year-old boy was charged with juvenile crimes after he reportedly robbed a store in Hermitage. Experts have weighed in on the importance of better understanding why young people commit juvenile crimes such as this and how to prevent them.

In general, teens are more prone to take more risks in their lives. This could be attributed to the fact that teenagers’ brains are not fully developed. Therefore, their decision-making capabilities and judgment are sometimes lacking. For example, those teens who commit crimes don’t often consider long-term consequences of their actions, just the immediate thrill or possible gain.

As professionals counsel teens, they stress that every choice made has a potential consequence and those become more serious as someone matures. Advocates for juvenile justice strongly believe that the penalties for younger offenders should not be the same as for adults. They also support rehabilitation for teens whenever possible.

Those charged with juvenile crimes should understand the seriousness of the matter. A Tennessee criminal defense attorney will strive to keep an individual’s case within the juvenile system, as opposed to being tried as an adult. A knowledgeable lawyer will work diligently to present the strongest defense possible and help get a client’s life back to normal as soon as possible.