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Driver, passenger facing drunk driving charges following chase

| Sep 13, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Speeding on Tennessee roads and highways is never a good idea for motorists, especially if a driver has been drinking. Law enforcement officials across the state are cracking down on drunk driving and are rather vigilant about spotting drivers who are under the influence. A man from a neighboring state was recently stopped for speeding, then found himself facing more serious drug charges.

Officers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol noticed a driver traveling north in a pickup truck on Interstate 81 at a high rate of speed.  With radar detection, the truck was reportedly traveling at 120 mph near Exit 23. Reportedly, the driver, a 33-year-old man, would not initially stop for the trooper following him. The patrol car, which had its siren and lights operating, could not overtake the vehicle at first, according to the officer on patrol.

Officers followed the driver as he left I-81 at Exit 30, where he reportedly ran a stop sign. A traffic stop was made later on Highway 70. Allegedly, the driver smelled of alcohol and had difficulty maintaining his balance. He purportedly told the police he had consumed a beer before leaving his home state of Alabama.

According to reports, police located a semi-automatic handgun in the truck that belonged to its owner, a 25-year-old  man, who was a passenger at the time of the traffic stop. The driver of the truck was charged with driving under the influence, reckless endangerment and felony evading arrest, among others. The owner of the truck, who purportedly would not consent to a blood test, was charged with DUI by consent and possession of a handgun while under the influence.

Being charged with drunk driving in Tennessee is a serious matter. Lengthy jail sentences and/or significant monetary fines are likely if someone is convicted. It is imperative that an individual mount a strong defense against the charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney will make every effort to obtain a favorable outcome in a client’s case.