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Student charged with juvenile crimes after school threat

Words matter, and in this day and age, some words carry significant power. A celebrity may find an entire career destroyed with one poor word choice. Employees may find themselves out of work after telling an ill-advised joke. A Tennessee teen is learning that the words he used to play a prank have led to charges of juvenile crimes.

When can drug possession become a felony?

Tennessee is particularly harsh on drug laws. If the defendant gets a conviction for manufacturing, delivering or possessing the drug with intent, then they receive felony charges. As a result, they spend significantly more time in prison and have higher fees to pay off, making the recovery process all the more difficult no matter what age you are. College students would lose their scholarships while facing potential expulsion and adults would have a hard time finding a new job with a criminal record.

What you should know about shoplifting

If you are like most people in Tennessee, you probably consider shoplifting a minor crime not worth thinking about too much. You may even hold the erroneous belief that “minor” shoplifting benefits the perpetrator while not really harming anyone else, including the affected merchant. Such misperceptions could land you in a world of hurt.

Understand why teens commit juvenile crimes

Teenagers in Tennessee and all across the country do not always make the wisest of decisions. In fact, not many individuals would be proud of every choice he or she made as an adolescent. While the vast majority of teens' actions are harmless, others have led to some serious consequences. Earlier in 2018, a 13-year-old boy was charged with juvenile crimes after he reportedly robbed a store in Hermitage. Experts have weighed in on the importance of better understanding why young people commit juvenile crimes such as this and how to prevent them.

Driver, passenger facing drunk driving charges following chase

Speeding on Tennessee roads and highways is never a good idea for motorists, especially if a driver has been drinking. Law enforcement officials across the state are cracking down on drunk driving and are rather vigilant about spotting drivers who are under the influence. A man from a neighboring state was recently stopped for speeding, then found himself facing more serious drug charges.

4 facing drug charges in Weakley County

Cellphones have become a fixture to the majority of Tennessee residents. They are used constantly to keep in touch with others, plan activities and seek information. While the devices are viewed as beneficial to their owners in most scenarios, one cell phone recently led to multiple arrests for drug charges in Weakley County.

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