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Recent theft and property crimes in the Clarksville area

| Aug 23, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

There are numerous car dealerships in just about every city throughout the state of Tennessee. These businesses range from small, locally-owned used car lots to major sales centers for specific makes and models of vehicles. Regardless of the size of a dealership, robberies create a financial hardship on the owners. A Clarksville car lot is now dealing with recent theft and property crimes after several vehicles went missing from the establishment. Automobiles have also apparently been stolen from area homes.

Police officers reported that four cars were allegedly stolen from Clarksville Auto Sales one recent morning. The local police department stated that several people supposedly entered the business by breaking a window with a hammer. Video footage apparently showed that the people, clad in masks and gloves, were at the business intermittently over a four hour period. Documents of the incident revealed that two car as well as two sport utility vehicles were taken. Also missing are evidently multiple sets of car keys, dealer plates, vehicle titles and around $1,200 in cash.

During the same timeframe, four additional vehicles were reported missing from two residences near the car lot. Autos including a crossover vehicle, a truck and an SUV were apparently taken from homes in the neighborhood. Police reports indicate that the keys to the vehicles were obtained from the homes’ garages.

Officers suspect that the incidents are related and the investigation is ongoing. Should the people witnessed on the surveillance video be apprehended, they may be charged with theft and property crimes. These charges should not be taken lightly as the consequences related to them are serious. A Tennessee criminal defense attorney can be a valuable ally throughout the entire legal process.