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Woman faces 2 drunk driving charges

| Jul 26, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

A woman in Knoxville is facing her second DUI charge after her vehicle reportedly struck a home off the Horton Highway. The 32-year-old Tennessee woman was arrested just after 10 a.m. the morning of July 19 and charged with drunk driving. She also faces charges for driving with a revoked license, as well as violation of the implied consent law.

According to Greene County sheriff’s deputies and first responders on the scene, a call came into 911 pertaining to an older-model vehicle crashing into a house. It is unclear whether the house was occupied at the time of the impact. The driver of the car, a 32-year-old woman, told officers on the scene that she blacked out, possibly due to low blood sugar, when her vehicle left the road and ran into a ditch before striking the house.

Officers were unconvinced after an EMS checked her blood sugar and apparently found her levels to be within recommended parameters. When officers requested a blood draw to corroborate their suspicion of intoxication, the woman apparently refused. However, roadside tests were conducted that led police to believe she was indeed drunk. She was arrested and held without bond, pending her first court appearance the following day.

Given that this is the second time the woman has been charged with drunk driving, the potential consequences attached to this current charge could be more severe. The woman could face jail time as well as a permanent revocation of her license. This is why her defense representation will meet with Tennessee prosecutors to carefully review all evidence presented by police in advance of a trial, to help them build a strong case in her defense.