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Tennessee man charged with drunk driving after police chase

| Jun 14, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Charges for being intoxicated behind the wheel of a motor vehicle are no small matter, and may be particularly difficult when filed in conjunction with other charges. This appears to be the case for a Tennessee man who is charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment and driving with a revoked license. He had one passenger in his vehicle at the time of his arrest, but she was not charged.

The driver allegedly led police from two different counties on a chase, although it is not clear what situation led to this incident. Sometime after the driver left the county where the chase initiated and passed into an adjoining county, he lost control of the vehicle while trying to navigate a curve in the road. His vehicle ran off the road, hit several trees and rolled to a stop on the left side.

The impact of the crash tossed the passenger out of the vehicle. She was able to walk after the crash, but was taken to an area hospital anyway, where both she and the driver were admitted for treatment. It is not clear how authorities determined the driver’s blood alcohol content when he was arrested for a DUI, but common methods include Breathalyzer, blood or urine tests. He also did not possess a valid license at the time of the wreck.

Tennessee defendants facing drunk driving charges understand that these allegations can have a profound impact on their lives and are eager to find a way to minimize these effects. This process typically starts with a thorough review of all charges, related evidence and important information related to an arrest. Doing so can create a stronger defense foundation, on which individuals can garner the best possible outcome for their unique situations.