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Six months of investigation lead to drug charges in Tennessee

| Jun 26, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Six people in Tennessee are currently behind bars while another reportedly remains at large in the aftermath of a major police investigation. Seven people were indicted on drug charges stemming from the investigation. The situation began when two people in a local area died of drug overdoses.  

Authorities say those deaths led them on a trail that ultimately connected them to one particular woman. They believe she was acting as a community buyer who would allegedly purchase heroin and distribute it to others. Police claim they know where she was supposedly getting most of the drugs, which was from a man in the community who is a convicted felon.  

Police also say they searched that man’s garage during the investigation and found him in illegal possession of firearms. According to investigators, all those involved presumably were obtaining heroin and fentanyl through various channels connected to one main source, a man they labeled as the kingpin in the alleged drug operation, who reportedly got the drugs from someone in another state. Officials say approximately 94 grams of heroin as well as body armor and several guns were seized during the investigation.  

Tennessee police have appealed to the general public to aid them in their search for the suspect who remains at large. Every person who faces drug charges in Tennessee or elsewhere is guaranteed the opportunity to defend him or herself to try to avoid conviction. Most choose to retain experienced legal representation before heading to court because experienced attorneys are often able to help defendants mitigate their circumstances.