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2 Tennessee police officers face drug charges

| Apr 19, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Two officers in Memphis have been charged in connection with an alleged drug transport they are believed to have taken part in. Tennessee authorities have confirmed that the two police officers, both men aged 41 and 25, are facing drug charges including conspiracy to distribute. These two officers were set to be arraigned on April 16. 

According to police records of the incident, the 41-year-old officer was on duty but the 25-year-old was not when they are said to have met with an individual they believed to be a drug dealer on the night of April 12. The elder officer drove his patrol car to a storage facility, leading a second vehicle believed to contain more than five pounds of heroin. The younger officer was in the car allegedly carrying the drugs. 

Police say the officers were paid $9,000 by the dealer, who was, of course, an undercover officer. They were arrested in the parking lot of the facility. They face multiple drug charges for their alleged role in this distribution scheme. It has not been confirmed whether either of them have retained defense counsel at this time. 

Drug charges of this severity could spell the end of both men’s professional careers in law enforcement, not to mention the potential for considerable jail time and fines. Tennessee prosecutors will be tasked with proving both officers’ complicity in the alleged distribution operation. In the meantime, their legal counsel will work independently to review the facts of the case and build a credible, consistent defense against these serious charges. 

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