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Tennessee teens charged with juvenile crimes

| Feb 22, 2018 | Juvenile Crimes |

Teenagers often say things without thinking. To make matters worse, they often repeat things they hear without verifying information. The majority of the time, this lack of thinking causes only minor problems and is quickly resolved. However, in today’s society, when a Tennessee student makes comments related to gun violence and schools, he or she can be charged with a variety of juvenile crimes, which could result in a lifetime of consequences.

Recently, a 17-year-old high school student appears to have told a group of his friends that there would be a shooting at the high school later that afternoon. His 16-year-old brother then apparently repeated this information to other students. According to the students involved, they made these comments in jest and there was no foundation in their claims. However, law enforcement officers, the school and some students expressed concern over the potential for violence.

Unfortunately, school shootings are something that must be taken seriously. When the supposed threats were reported, the school was placed on lockdown and an investigation began. The two teenagers were arrested and charged with juvenile crimes. The older teen is currently in a juvenile detention facility awaiting a court appearance. The younger teen has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

In a situation such as this one, a moment of thoughtless behavior and comments can lead to serious charges. The repercussions of such action can have a lingering impact on the Tennessee teenagers and their families. When parents find that their child has been charged with juvenile crimes, they will want an experienced criminal defense attorney representing the child throughout the legal proceedings.

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