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Men facing drug charges after seizure of drugs in Murfreesboro

| Feb 6, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A drug called MDMA, also known as Molly or Ecstasy, has gained popularity in Tennessee and other parts of the country. The drug is considered to be a stimulant or hallucinogen and is used to alter one’s mood. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that those who use it may feel energetic, yet experience problems with time and sensory perception. While use of the drug is a crime in Tennessee, distributing it would be a more serious offense. Two men are facing drug charges surrounding their alleged involvement in a purported distribution cell in Murfreesboro.

According to the Murfreesboro Police Department, information regarding an apparent drug trafficking operation was received by the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. They learned that a supposed delivery was to be made to a planned distribution cell. Upon arriving at the proposed location, officers from the police department and the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office discovered a large amount of MDMA. Agents were concerned that the substance would have been used purportedly used in the distribution of capsules and pills across the state.

A 24-year-old man and a 37-year-old man were arrested following the search. They are facing charges of schedule 6 drugs for resale and possession of schedule 1 drugs. Their bond has been set at $100,000. The men are being held at the Rutherford County Jail.

Whether someone is facing drug charges of possession, distribution or trafficking, those accusations should be taken seriously. A conviction could result in sizable fines and/or significant time in jail. To minimize disruption of one’s life, it would be prudent to seek the guidance of an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney. A trusted lawyer will work diligently to achieve a favorable outcome on a client’s defense.

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