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Juvenile crimes: Oak Ridge teen arrested following explosions

| Feb 1, 2018 | Juvenile Crimes |

Many teenagers across the state of Tennessee want to grow up quickly. They want to do things all on their own and be as independent as possible. However, since they are still young and are not always acting maturely, some questionable behavior may occur. There are also instances when the actions of some youth result in juvenile crimes. This was recently the case in an incident in Oak Ridge.

The Oak Ridge Police Department reported that they arrested a juvenile male for supposedly causing explosions. Law enforcement officials searched the young man’s vehicle outside Oak Ridge High School. The bomb squad from the Knoxville Police Department assisted with the investigation. The bomb squad’s involvement was to ensure safety of those involved, according to reports that stressed that no one was in danger during the incident.

The young man was arrested following the search and was taken to the Anderson County Juvenile Detention Center. He was charged with two counts of possession or manufacture of prohibited weapons, which is a Class B felony. The juvenile appeared in court and was then released.

The juvenile has been supposedly linked to two other incidents involving explosions. In one case, a concrete picnic table was reportedly damaged near a local football field. Also, police claim that they had discovered signs that an explosion had happened at a city park. An investigation of these incidents continues.

When someone is convicted of juvenile crimes, the sentences imposed are typically less harsh than if the juvenile had been tried as an adult. Therefore, it is important to make every effort to keep the case in juvenile court. A Tennessee criminal defense attorney will work together with a young person and his or her parents to gain a thorough knowledge of an individual case. An experienced attorney will strive to minimize potential negative consequences to a client’s life.

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