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Multiple men charged with theft after Tennessee traffic stop

| Dec 26, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Many people may think that having criminal charges brought against them is their worst nightmare. Nightmarish or not, many people face criminal allegations across the country every day. The ways in which individuals choose to address their cases often differ, and someone accused of theft may choose to build a defense differently than someone accused of a different type of crime.

Multiple individuals from out of state may be hoping to find effective defense methods after recently being taken into custody in Tennessee. Reports stated that four men were traveling together in a vehicle with a trailer attached when police stopped them. The stop reportedly occurred because an officer discovered that the trailer did not have a vehicle identification number. For unknown reasons, the officer then searched the trailer.

During the search, the police officer allegedly uncovered stolen goods. The goods included generators, a golf cart, a fan and a race car that had been reported stolen from a neighboring state. The items apparently totaled to a value of approximately $100,000. The four men were taken into custody on charges of theft. Their ages ranged from 24 to 70 years old.

Theft charges can have considerable impacts on a person’s life, and the men accused in this situation will certainly want to take their cases seriously. Though they were all charged in the same event, the ways in which they approach their cases may differ. Depending on their individual preferences, they may find various defense strategies applicable. If they wish to gain more information, they may find it useful to utilize local Tennessee legal resources.

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