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Theft and property crimes: Items worth $600,000 recovered

| Nov 6, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Undercover operations are frequently utilized by law enforcement agencies in Tennessee and other states in the country. Officers often work for many months within various operations before any arrests are made. Recently, several people were arrested in Shelby County for theft and property crimes following a 10-month investigation.

Representatives from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office reported that undercover agents had allegedly purchased a variety of items from 11 different people over the past 10 months. Authorities in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama had previously reported all these items as stolen. Five people were arrested after warrants were issued. While these people are now in custody, officials say that there are additional arrests to come.

Among the items recovered were an all-terrain vehicle, lawn mowers and a bass boat. Also discovered were numerous vehicles, tractors and utility trailers. The items were reportedly worth more than $600,000.

Several agencies worked together on this investigation, including the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and Tennessee Highway Patrol Criminal Investigation Division. Task forces from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Memphis Police Department also participated in the operation. Other groups that assisted were the Madison County and Tipton County Sheriffs’ Offices and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Being charged with theft and property crimes is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. If convicted, consequences could range from paying fines to significant time in jail. A Tennessee criminal defense attorney can help someone navigate through the legal process. An experienced lawyer will work to ensure that clients’ rights are protected and focus on presenting a defense designed to achieve the most favorable result possible.

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