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Drug charges filed after discovery of marijuana, THC vape liquid

| Nov 9, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Tennessee law enforcement officials have routinely recovered marijuana in their drug investigations throughout the years. In some cases, officers have found marijuana plants being cultivated, while others have discovered the substance packaged and apparently ready for sale or distribution. Recently, drug charges were filed against two men for allegedly having marijuana in another form.

The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office had been participating in an illegal drug activity investigation. After serving a search warrant, police officers entered a home. During the search, police reportedly found 7 pounds of marijuana and 31 vials of THC vape liquid,

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the components in the cannabis plant that produces psychological effects and feelings of euphoria. Officials stated that this seizure of the THC vials was the first major discovery of its type in the county. The Robertson County Sheriff stated that the drug was difficult to identify when used in vapor cigarettes and was pleased with the investigation.

The street value of the marijuana and the THC vape liquid was estimated at $30,000.  Two men were arrested following the discovery of the items. Each man was charged with two counts of a Schedule VI drug for resale.

Drug charges of any type in the state of Tennessee should be taken seriously. If convicted, a person may be penalized with fines and/or significant time in jail. An experienced criminal defense lawyer would be a valuable ally for someone facing such charges. A strong defense team will help clients through every step of the legal process and work to minimize any negative impact on their lives.

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