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Alderman facing drunk driving charges, call for removal

| Nov 30, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Public officials in Tennessee and elsewhere around the country are often criticized for their political views and decisions. On occasion, constituents call for an ouster based on the official’s performance in office. However, some Hendersonville residents are asking that an alderman be removed from office following drunk driving charges.

The Hendersonville mayor recently shared a petition signed by residents with other members of the city’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The petition stated that the alderman from Ward 3 had acted in an unsafe manner while driving and had disregarded public safety laws. The petition came about after reported incidents involving the alderman.

According to the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office, the alderman was arrested for driving under the influence in May 2017. She supposedly performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was said to have slurred speech and blood-shot eyes. The alderman stated at the time that she had not consumed alcohol. In June 2017, there was also purportedly an incident involving a damaged mailbox. While no charges were filed, the alderman allegedly paid a resident for the damage incurred.

In July, Nashville Metro Police pulled a car over after observing erratic driving. According to reports, officers watched the alderman pour a liquid out of the car. Police evidently saw several empty alcoholic beverage cans. The woman faces charges of driving under the influence in Cheatham and Davidson counties. The Hendersonville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will make a decision on the petition for removal from office.

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