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Juvenile crimes require specialized attention

| Sep 27, 2017 | Juvenile Crimes |

Virtually everyone makes mistakes during their youth. While some transgressions are understandably more serious than others, being accused of committing juvenile crimes should not lead to life-long repercussions. Tennessee parents should treat any type of legal indiscretion seriously, as their children’s futures are on the line. Often, the best approach is to contact an experienced juvenile law attorney who best understands the complicated matter at hand.

We understand that many of the charges that minors face are the result of peer pressure or inexperience with the world. These pressures can be fueled by children’s uncertainty when it comes to finding their place in life and their community. Unfortunately, even minor mistakes such as theft or vandalism can lead to very serious repercussions.

A conviction for a juvenile charge does not keep itself quietly contained in a person’s youth, but can spread forward, potentially cutting off both education and employment opportunities. Children should not have to worry about the consequences of youthful actions following them through the rest of their lives. We know that this worry plagues both minors facing legal action as well as their parents.

In Tennessee, juvenile charges are not mirrors of adult charges, and therefore cannot be handled with the same approaches. We are intimately familiar with the juvenile courts and the different procedures that govern the process. Whether your child is facing allegations of underage drinking, drug possession or any number of juvenile crimes charges, our firm has the experience and resources to guide your family to the most successful result possible.