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Remember a few things before you go on vacation

| Aug 17, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

If you are heading to the Great Smoky Mountains soon, you should have a lot of fun. After all, your options include Dollywood, car shows, festivals, and, of course, the beautiful outdoors.

However, whether you are a meticulous vacation planner, creating lists of items to pack and checking off each item, or someone who wings the process, there are a few things that are necessary to bring – and easy to forget.


Perhaps the most easily forgotten item is medication. It comes in small containers, and you need to use it until right before you leave. Unfortunately, some people who forget it and need it to help with a mental illness or other potentially critical condition have gotten arrested and charged with crimes such as assault while on vacation. Not only does the person not have her or his medication, vacation means a break in a predictable routine and the possible stress that comes from having more people together in tighter quarters.

Speaking of medication, medical marijuana is not legal in Tennessee as of the summer of 2017. If you use marijuana in your home state for a medical condition, it may be a good idea to find alternative options for your vacation.

Versatile clothing

There is a lot to do in the Sevierville area, but you probably have only so much packing space. So, instead of cramming your suitcases full of different pairs of shoes and clothing choices, one option could be to pack clothes and shoes that can double for casual and more formal occasions, or for city and nature treks alike. One pair of jeans, one pair of dressy pants and one pair of trousers could be all you need, especially since many cabins and accommodations have washers and dryers.

Something relaxing

As touched on earlier, forgetting medication is not the only reason domestic violence arrests may go up when families are on vacation. They are out of their element and in potentially stressful situations. Thus, it can be important to bring something that relaxes you, be it a book of lush photographs or your yoga mat so you can easily continue to do yoga.