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Juvenile crimes: Nashville teen arrested for alleged carjacking

| Aug 31, 2017 | Juvenile Crimes |

Teenagers in Tennessee often socialize with older teens aged 18 or over who are already considered to be young adults. In most instances, there are no problems with the associations. However, if those involved participate in any illegal activities, criminal charges could occur. Those 18 and over would be tried as adults, while minor teenagers would face charges for juvenile crimes. A teenager was recently arrested for suspected involvement in an alleged carjacking.

According to Nashville Metro Police, a 63-year-old woman was in her car after she got off work at Lipscomb Academy on Aug. 5. She had stopped to send a text when a person tapped on her car window. According to reports, the person had tapped on the window with a handgun and told her to vacate the car. The woman started to exit the car and reached for her purse, but she was supposedly told by another person that she was not to take it with her. Upon leaving the car, she spotted an additional person when she was told to run.

Reports state that the woman called the police as her car was driven away. The vehicle was later recovered in a parking lot. A 20-year-old man and two 18-year-old men were arrested and charged with robbery-carjacking. A 16-year-old juvenile was arrested on Aug. 23 and was also charged with robbery-carjacking.

If someone in Tennessee is facing charges for juvenile crimes, it would be helpful to contact a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney will work to keep a case in juvenile court, rather than have someone be tried as an adult. While any criminal charge should be taken seriously, penalties for juvenile crimes may have a less negative impact on someone’s life.

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