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Video complicates defense of theft and property crimes charges

| Jul 31, 2017 | Juvenile Crimes |

Technology can be amazing, and law enforcement more frequently uses technological advances to fight and solve crimes. Citizens in Tennessee may also employ their own technology to protect their homes and belongings from theft and property crimes. Burglar alarms, surveillance equipment and even social media are becoming common tools in fighting crime.

Three men can thank the public for its part in their arrest. The men are accused of breaking into a home and burglarizing it. Their actions were captured on a camera set up inside the home. Video footage appears to show the three men entering the room, one with a weapon drawn, then apparently ransacking the place and filling their pockets and backpacks with items. Among the items reported stolen were electronics, a knife and money.

One man was located the following day and arrested for aggravated burglary. The other two men remained at large until police posted the video footage on social media. Within minutes, numerous calls came in providing Tennessee police with names of potential suspects. Police obtained warrants for their arrests, but the two men turned themselves in the next day. Both men were charged with aggravated burglary.

While the evidence may see irrefutable, those accused of this crime have rights which deserve to be protected. Having solid legal counsel can make a difference, especially because penalties increase for convictions of aggravated charges. A criminal defense attorney with experience in theft and property crimes will have the skills to negotiate with the prosecution to potentially reduce the impact of these charges.

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