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Program helps those dealing with drunk driving charges

| Jun 29, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Often, when Tennessee drivers have been arrested for driving under the influence, it is difficult to get to get their lives back on track. The drunk driving charge may lead to the loss of a driver’s license, the inability to keep a job and court fees that result from this cycle of crime. Many ex-offenders are simply looking for a way to break the pattern. A Memphis organization has been established to give individuals like this an opportunity for a fresh start.

Memphis reportedly has a high level of crime. In some cases, the crimes are committed by those who don’t see another alternative. For example, one man had a DUI charge 15 years ago and lost his driver’s license. However, since he still needed to drive to his job to maintain employment, he would often be caught without his license and given more jail time and fines. The group Perfect Harmony was formed to help this man and others like him to get a second chance.

The director, a detective from the Memphis Police Department, wants to see the community move in a positive direction by helping others get their lives back in order. The group will help individuals find jobs even with felony records. They also provide assistance in getting drivers’ licenses reinstated and getting criminal records expunged. Participants in the program are happy to get their lives back to normal, especially being able to drive without fear of repercussion.

While programs such as Perfect Harmony do not exist in every community, it is important to seek guidance when charged with drunk driving. All drivers have the right to defend themselves against these charges and present a strong defense. A knowledgeable Tennessee defense attorney can work with clients to minimize any negative impact on their lives.

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