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Teacher faces charges of drunk driving, vehicular homicide

| May 25, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Getting behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks is never a good idea. Driving while under the influence in Tennessee can result in serious consequences, from the loss of a driver’s license and fines to significant jail time. In dire situations, drunk driving can lead to fatalities and more grievous charges. A Crossville woman faces vehicular homicide and DUI charges from a recent crash.

A 36-year-old teacher at Cumberland County High School was driving south in the northbound lane on Highway 127. Her pickup truck allegedly hit a motorcycle head-on, per police reports. A third vehicle was also hit from debris from the crash, but only minor damage was reported.

The 67-year-old motorcycle driver was reportedly thrown from his bike as a result of the impact. According to reports, the man died at the scene of the accident. The truck driver was not injured in the accident. In addition to the charges of vehicular homicide and DUI, she was apparently charged with violation of implied consent. According to the Cumberland County Director of Schools, the woman was placed on administrative leave from her job as a special education teacher.

A charge of drunk driving in Tennessee can negatively affect someone’s life in any number of ways and should not be taken lightly. It would be beneficial to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for guidance through the complex legal process. A knowledgeable lawyer is able to evaluate the evidence gathered in a case and develop a comprehensive defense. A strong legal team will work toward achieving the best outcome possible for a client.

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