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Theft and property crimes: Man robbed on his front porch

| Apr 27, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

The state of Tennessee has different laws regarding robbery, burglary and theft. Depending on the severity of the charge, the action could be defined as a misdemeanor or a felony. For example, consequences for theft and property crimes may range from fines to significant jail time. A Murfreesboro man was recently charged with robbing someone at his home.

A man was sitting on his front porch when two men allegedly approached him and held a gun to his head, according to Murfreesboro Police. The homeowner claimed he was forced to go inside his house and lie down on the couch. The two men searched the home and reportedly took the owner’s car keys. They also took $600 in cash from the car, according to police.

The two men then supposedly took the homeowner’s girlfriend to search her vehicle. The cellphones from the man and his girlfriend were said to have been stolen. Both men allegedly fled the scene. A 31-year-old man was arrested in conjunction with the incident. Another person viewed on surveillance video is being sought in conjunction with the robbery.

Police have charged the man with two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated burglary. He also faces charges of aggravated kidnapping. An additional charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon was also added, according to reports.

When someone is facing theft and property crimes charges, it would be beneficial to seek the guidance of a Tennessee criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will evaluate the situation and explain the likely next steps for a client. A strong legal team will work toward preparing the best defense possible to achieve a favorable outcome in the litigation process.

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