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Tennessee teens arrested for juvenile crimes

| Apr 13, 2017 | Juvenile Crimes |

Most Tennessee teenagers have made poor decisions at one time or another. Generally, those decisions have minimal repercussions in a juvenile’s everyday life. However, when the decisions involve alleged juvenile crimes, the consequences may have a lifelong impact. A recent incident near Nashville has resulted in charges against two teenagers.

Nashville Metro Police received a call from a 35-year-old man one night, stating that his vehicle had allegedly been carjacked around 11:30 p.m. The man reported he had been approached by a young man who tried to rob him at gunpoint. He also stated that the young man struck him with a gun, according to police reports.

The man claimed that the purported attacker and two others then locked him into the trunk of his car. Per his account, he escaped by pulling the emergency release in his vehicle before his car was driven away. He called the police after arriving at his home.

Hermitage Precinct Police officers located the vehicle and found an 18-year-old in the driver’s seat and a 16-year-old passenger. Police allegedly found the car owner’s watch and credit card in the possession of the teenagers. The 18-year-old faces charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery and evading arrest. The 16-year-old, a girl, was charged in juvenile court with aggravated robbery. Another suspect has not been located or identified.

When a teenager faces charges from juvenile crimes, he or she has the right to mount the best defense possible. It is beneficial to contact an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney for advice. A knowledgeable defense team will work to minimize the negative impact of the formal accusations on someone’s life.

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