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Tennessee teens may be charged with juvenile crimes

| Mar 22, 2017 | Juvenile Crimes |

Most Tennessee residents have made a poor decision at one time or another. Unfortunately, sometimes those decisions carry consequences that can affect one’s life for many years. Recently, four teenagers in Memphis were said to have stolen a car and were in possession of guns. Now those teens face charges for juvenile crimes associated with the alleged incident.

A car had been reported stolen to the Memphis Police Department. The car’s owner had evidently seen the vehicle and notified the police. The owner reportedly followed the car and claimed that the occupants pointed a gun at him before they drove away.

According to reports, police officers saw the vehicle later and started following it. The car stopped at a local hotel in the early morning hours. As police reported, when officers approached, the four teenagers apparently attempted to exit the vehicle and damaged a police cruiser in the process. The teens were taken into custody by the Memphis Police Department and are awaiting potential charges. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Teenagers in Tennessee and their families need to understand the seriousness of being accused and convicted of juvenile crimes. Negative consequences could have far-reaching effects, such as difficulty in finding a job, getting into college or renting an apartment. Many facing such charges seek the advice of an attorney experienced in juvenile criminal law. Defense lawyers will work to ensure that those accused are tried as juveniles and not as adults. A strong legal team may be able to eliminate or reduce the negative impact resulting from actions made as a teenager.

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