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Man drives into lake; faces drunk driving charges

| Mar 16, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Being charged with driving under the influence is a serious offense. The consequences for drunk driving in Tennessee could range from fines to suspended licenses to jail time. A Knox County man finds himself facing several charges after a recent accident.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that a 38-year-old man was traveling north on an Anderson County road. He allegedly left the road after failing to stay in his lane of travel. The car drove through barrier posts before rolling into a lake near Bull Run Park, according to witnesses. The witnesses reportedly pulled the man from the lake.

Officers reported that the man received only minor injuries but was disoriented when he was rescued from the water. He was purportedly unable to tell the rescue squad workers if anyone else had been in the car with him. The vehicle was totally submerged in the lake and divers were called upon to search for the car and any potential passengers. According to the preliminary report by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, there were no passengers in the vehicle.

The man was charged with driving under the influence after the incident. He also faces a due care violation, which indicates apparent careless or negligent driving. His charges also include driving with a stolen license and driving with no license.

When facing drunk driving charges in Tennessee, it is important to understand all possible scenarios and the defense options available. A criminal defense lawyer can help those charged determine the appropriate path forward. An experienced legal team will work to achieve the best outcomes for their clients.

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