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March 2017 Archives

Nashville arrest resuts in alleged drug charges

Pharmaceutical methamphetamine, or "meth," is available legally and may be prescribed for certain conditions by physicians. However, a black market for the illegal manufacturing and selling of the drug does exist. Police officers in Tennessee and around the country frequently investigate locations they suspect may be used for distributing or manufacturing meth. A recent incident in Nashville resulted in arrests and drug charges for four people.

Tennessee teens may be charged with juvenile crimes

Most Tennessee residents have made a poor decision at one time or another. Unfortunately, sometimes those decisions carry consequences that can affect one's life for many years. Recently, four teenagers in Memphis were said to have stolen a car and were in possession of guns. Now those teens face charges for juvenile crimes associated with the alleged incident.

Understanding implied consent in Tennessee

If you are pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving, it can be tempting to refuse to go along with the testing methods that law enforcement tends to use, especially if you understand the shortcomings in those tests that often lead to the accusation of innocent drivers. The fact is, though, that Tennessee, like every other state, has an implied consent law that imposes strict penalties on drivers who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement when a test is requested.

Former manager charged with theft and property crimes

Being charged with a crime in Tennessee can affect almost all areas of a person's life. If convicted, someone may have to pay fines, be put on probation, or even go to jail, depending on the severity of the crime. A Coffee County woman faces charges of theft and property crimes.

Man accused of drunk driving identified

Police officers frequently question drivers during traffic stops in Tennessee. Many times, an observed or suspected traffic violation has warranted the stop. In some circumstances, however, a traffic stop may lead to more serious consequences. A Johnson City man involved in a recent traffic stop now faces charges of drunk driving and evading arrest, among other accusations.

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