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Man facing DUI and drug charges after crash

| Feb 15, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Head-on collisions often result in fatalities. A recent head-on crash in Tennessee claimed the life of one person and injured two others. A driver involved in the accident now faces DUI and drug charges, among others.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a 48-year old man was driving a sedan on U.S. 411 near Highway 95 on Feb. 3. He traveled into oncoming traffic after his car crossed the center lane. He hit a sports car head-on in the driver’s side.

Lifestar helicopters responded to the scene and transported the occupants of both vehicles to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries. A spokesperson from the hospital confirmed that the 29-year old driver of the sports car died there three days after the accident. The driver of the sedan and an 8-year old girl were also injured in the crash. At the time of the report, their conditions had not been released..

The driver of the sedan was charged with driving under the influence. He also faces charges of felony possession and simple possession of drugs. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol officials, the driver also received a vehicular assault charge.

When a driver faces drug charges and other allegations as the result of an accident, he or she has the right to secure the services of a lawyer immediately. An experienced criminal defense attorney is a valuable resource when dealing with charges such as these. While the results of a case cannot be predicted, retaining the services of seasoned counsel often helps those charged achieve a favorable outcome.

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