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Seeking guidance concerning juvenile crimes in Tennessee

| Dec 22, 2016 | Juvenile Crimes |

Undoubtedly, no Tennessee parent wants to receive a phone call from law enforcement officers with news that a son or daughter is in trouble with the law. Many will, however; in fact, some teenagers may already be facing juvenile crimes charges in the midst of the holiday season. Often, such calls involve under-age college students charged with DUI or smoking marijuana.

If your child is arrested and charged with a crime, he or she is not the first juvenile to face such charges in court, and will surely not be the last. It is understandable you want to support your child and do whatever is possible to help minimize the long-term negative impact of the situation. Your child may be one among many whose momentary lapse in judgment has led to legal challenges.

Attorneys at Shults Law Office are equipped to address a wide range of juvenile offenses. Whether a teenager is arrested and charged with vandalism, theft, possession of drugs or underage drinking, we are prepared to provide as strong a defense as possible. Procedures in juvenile county courts are generally different from other courts; our attorneys are familiar with and experienced in navigating the juvenile justice system.

It is often possible to stay out of jail and avoid conviction when facing juvenile crimes charges in Tennessee. Most judges agree that alternative measures for rehabilitation should be employed over incarceration whenever appropriate. If you’re a concerned parent whose holidays have been interrupted due to a son or daughter facing criminal charges, you may contact our office to request a consultation so we can begin helping your family get life back on track.