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Understand why teens commit juvenile crimes

Teenagers in Tennessee and all across the country do not always make the wisest of decisions. In fact, not many individuals would be proud of every choice he or she made as an adolescent. While the vast majority of teens' actions are harmless, others have led to some serious consequences. Earlier in 2018, a 13-year-old boy was charged with juvenile crimes after he reportedly robbed a store in Hermitage. Experts have weighed in on the importance of better understanding why young people commit juvenile crimes such as this and how to prevent them.

In general, teens are more prone to take more risks in their lives. This could be attributed to the fact that teenagers' brains are not fully developed. Therefore, their decision-making capabilities and judgment are sometimes lacking. For example, those teens who commit crimes don't often consider long-term consequences of their actions, just the immediate thrill or possible gain.

Driver, passenger facing drunk driving charges following chase

Speeding on Tennessee roads and highways is never a good idea for motorists, especially if a driver has been drinking. Law enforcement officials across the state are cracking down on drunk driving and are rather vigilant about spotting drivers who are under the influence. A man from a neighboring state was recently stopped for speeding, then found himself facing more serious drug charges.

Officers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol noticed a driver traveling north in a pickup truck on Interstate 81 at a high rate of speed.  With radar detection, the truck was reportedly traveling at 120 mph near Exit 23. Reportedly, the driver, a 33-year-old man, would not initially stop for the trooper following him. The patrol car, which had its siren and lights operating, could not overtake the vehicle at first, according to the officer on patrol.

4 facing drug charges in Weakley County

Cellphones have become a fixture to the majority of Tennessee residents. They are used constantly to keep in touch with others, plan activities and seek information. While the devices are viewed as beneficial to their owners in most scenarios, one cell phone recently led to multiple arrests for drug charges in Weakley County.

According to police reports, a search was conducted of a home after a warrant had been obtained. During the search, officers claim they found crystal methamphetamine, meth pipes, a loaded rifle and digital scales. A 43-year-old man was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to resale and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Tennesee chicken restaurant owner implicated in drug charges

Tennessee authorities say there was a lot more going on at a local chicken restaurant than cooking and selling chicken. In fact, an investigation that lasted more than a year has come to a close, but not without the indictments of 17 people who police claim were involved in a large drug operation. Drug charges and firearms charges have since been filed against those arrested in the investigation.

Police have not published the name of the specific chicken restaurant where they claim the owner laundered at least $30,000 into the business from illegal drug sale profits. Perhaps even more surprising is investigators' claims that a group of people working together in the supposed drug ring were delivering methamphetamine to local buyers by way of courier bicycle. Officials say several raids occurred -- one that led officers to a doghouse where approximately two pounds of meth were stored at the back of a local residence. 

3 challenges immigrants may face with law enforcement

Dealing with law enforcement is often a stressful situation. Whether you are suspected of a crime or otherwise involved, you might struggle to maintain a calm demeanor and handle the interaction effectively. Doing so might be even more of a struggle if you are an immigrant and a non-native English speaker. There are many challenges, in fact, that immigrants face when dealing with law enforcement

The following are three of the most common to take into consideration. If you are an immigrant or non-native English speaker, be aware of these challenges, and remember that you are under no obligation to interact with law enforcement without counsel from a legal representative.

Recent theft and property crimes in the Clarksville area

There are numerous car dealerships in just about every city throughout the state of Tennessee. These businesses range from small, locally-owned used car lots to major sales centers for specific makes and models of vehicles. Regardless of the size of a dealership, robberies create a financial hardship on the owners. A Clarksville car lot is now dealing with recent theft and property crimes after several vehicles went missing from the establishment. Automobiles have also apparently been stolen from area homes.

Police officers reported that four cars were allegedly stolen from Clarksville Auto Sales one recent morning. The local police department stated that several people supposedly entered the business by breaking a window with a hammer. Video footage apparently showed that the people, clad in masks and gloves, were at the business intermittently over a four hour period. Documents of the incident revealed that two car as well as two sport utility vehicles were taken. Also missing are evidently multiple sets of car keys, dealer plates, vehicle titles and around $1,200 in cash.

Juvenile crimes: 2 teens facing theft, weapons charges

Now that most schools are back in session across Tennessee, many teenagers are occupied with doing homework, participating in extracurricular activities or spending time with friends. However, some teens may find themselves in a bit of legal trouble after making some questionable decisions. Two teens were recently charged with various juvenile crimes following numerous incidents in the greater Nashville area.

Officers from the Lebanon Police Department had been investigating a runaway when they discovered a supposed link to a wave of robberies in Nashville, Clarksville, Gallatin and White House. Evidently, there were multiple incidents of car thefts and stolen weapons in those areas. Police had located a vehicle with apparent stolen phone inside.

Hundreds facing drug charges after two undercover operations

Undercover operations are conducted frequently by Tennessee law enforcement agencies. Multiple groups often work together when drug activity is suspected in a given region. In many instances, these types of investigations go on for long periods of time before any arrests are made. Two major operations in the Memphis area recently culminated in hundreds of arrests on a variety of drug charges.

The Memphis Police Department reported that two operations had been focused on alleged drug, weapon and other activity. One operation had lasted eight weeks and resulted in over 500 arrests. During this operation, marijuana, fentanyl and cocaine had been seized, along with over 100 weapons. In addition, multiple vehicles and a large amount of cash were also discovered.

Woman facing drug charges after routine traffic stop

Police officers in Tennessee make routine traffic stops for a variety of suspected offenses. Vehicles get stopped for speeding, failing to stop at red lights, or even having a non-functioning tail light. There are instances, however, when individuals get pulled over for one thing but find themselves in more trouble after the initial investigation. This happened to one Mid-South woman who now faces drug charges after a recent traffic stop.

Law enforcement officials reported that they stopped a woman after running her vehicle tags. They discovered that the tags allegedly did not match the registration information. While the police officers were talking to the woman, they spotted a baggie near the middle arm rest of her truck. The officers suspected that the baggie contained marijuana.

Woman faces 2 drunk driving charges

A woman in Knoxville is facing her second DUI charge after her vehicle reportedly struck a home off the Horton Highway. The 32-year-old Tennessee woman was arrested just after 10 a.m. the morning of July 19 and charged with drunk driving. She also faces charges for driving with a revoked license, as well as violation of the implied consent law.

According to Greene County sheriff's deputies and first responders on the scene, a call came into 911 pertaining to an older-model vehicle crashing into a house. It is unclear whether the house was occupied at the time of the impact. The driver of the car, a 32-year-old woman, told officers on the scene that she blacked out, possibly due to low blood sugar, when her vehicle left the road and ran into a ditch before striking the house.

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