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Drunk driving charge can be challenged on several grounds

The Tennessee Highway Patrol never knows what it is in for when it pulls over a vehicle on a traffic stop. Where erratic driving is observed, the police will always check for signs of drunk driving. In one recent incident, a Highway Patrol Trooper claims that he attempted to make a traffic stop, but the suspect car containing a driver and one passenger crashed before he could accomplish the task.

The driver and passenger made things tougher for themselves by exiting the crashed vehicle and running from the approaching trooper, according to police reports. The trooper was in luck because the Henry County Sheriff's Department was hosting a K-9 school nearby. With the help of several dogs and some sheriff's deputies, the police say that they apprehended the two men near the scene. After the suspects were in custody, a sheriff's deputy searched the car and allegedly found a handgun and eight hydrocodone tablets.

Former president of school's PTO facing theft charges

Parent-Teacher Organizations are prevalent at many schools throughout Tennessee and all across the country. The volunteers often work together to raise funds for school improvements, teacher appreciation or student programs. One former PTO president was recently arrested and accused of theft from her school's organization in East Tennessee.

Authorities report that a 48-year-old Johnson City woman was arrested after claims she stole over $9,500 from the Ridgeview Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Organization. The alleged theft was said to have taken place between 2015 and 2017.Officials from the Tennessee Comptroller's Office reported that they discovered that unauthorized checks from the PTO were written payable to cash. In addition, they stated that the woman made counter cash withdrawals at a financial institution.

Lack of facilities for those accused of juvenile crimes

Overcrowding in jails is cited as a problem in many Tennessee counties. Space is an issue for several areas, regardless of the size of the city or facility. This has become an increasing concern for those who have committed juvenile crimes.

In West Tennessee, several law enforcement officials have stated that many minors do not go to jail. This is due to the fact that numerous counties in the region do not have a juvenile detention center. Rather than drive hours to find the nearest facility, officers occasionally ride around with a teen in their squad cars. Police acknowledge that with nowhere to house the young individuals, they are usually escorted back home to the custody of their parents. Unfortunately, officers in one Tennessee county report that they see the same teens out in the area again after they are released.

Routine traffic stop results in drug charges against driver

A good number of Tennessee motorists have been known to exceed the speed limit on occasion when driving. Highway patrol officers and other law enforcement personnel are often on the watch for speeding drivers and will pull them over to ticket them when spotted. Unfortunately, one driver who was recently stopped for speeding received more than a ticket. After a search of his vehicle, the driver faces drug charges after several illegal substances were allegedly discovered.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a driver was pulled over by a trooper for speeding on Interstate 40 in Jefferson County. The trooper apparently noted some suspicious behavior and was joined by another officer to conduct a search of the vehicle. The driver had consented to the search, according to reports.

What to say after the cops pull you over after one drink

DUI laws constantly change. For example, take a recent case in Tennessee where an appeals court found that an automatic $250 fine placed on people convicted of DUI based on a breath or blood test was unconstitutional. 

The best action to take is to simply avoid driving after drinking. Many people do not get behind the wheel after drinking an excessive amount. However, many people do not see the harm in driving after just one beer. This begs the question: What should you say to a police officer if he pulls you over after you had just one alcoholic drink?

Tennessee teens charged with juvenile crimes

Teenagers often say things without thinking. To make matters worse, they often repeat things they hear without verifying information. The majority of the time, this lack of thinking causes only minor problems and is quickly resolved. However, in today's society, when a Tennessee student makes comments related to gun violence and schools, he or she can be charged with a variety of juvenile crimes, which could result in a lifetime of consequences.

Recently, a 17-year-old high school student appears to have told a group of his friends that there would be a shooting at the high school later that afternoon. His 16-year-old brother then apparently repeated this information to other students. According to the students involved, they made these comments in jest and there was no foundation in their claims. However, law enforcement officers, the school and some students expressed concern over the potential for violence.

Court rules that state lab can't be paid for drunk driving test

In the state of Tennessee, motorists must often undergo a blood or breath test if they have been stopped for driving under the influence. In fact, many charges for drunk driving stem from the results of such tests. However, the state appellate court recently ruled that it is unconstitutional to pay fees to the labs conducting the tests.

Motorists convicted of drunk driving were required to pay $250 to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for a blood alcohol or drug concentration test (BADT). Reportedly, the state raised $3 million in revenue from these tests. Any results from the state lab were admissible as evidence in court.

Men facing drug charges after seizure of drugs in Murfreesboro

A drug called MDMA, also known as Molly or Ecstasy, has gained popularity in Tennessee and other parts of the country. The drug is considered to be a stimulant or hallucinogen and is used to alter one's mood. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that those who use it may feel energetic, yet experience problems with time and sensory perception. While use of the drug is a crime in Tennessee, distributing it would be a more serious offense. Two men are facing drug charges surrounding their alleged involvement in a purported distribution cell in Murfreesboro.

According to the Murfreesboro Police Department, information regarding an apparent drug trafficking operation was received by the Drug Investigation Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. They learned that a supposed delivery was to be made to a planned distribution cell. Upon arriving at the proposed location, officers from the police department and the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office discovered a large amount of MDMA. Agents were concerned that the substance would have been used purportedly used in the distribution of capsules and pills across the state.

Juvenile crimes: Oak Ridge teen arrested following explosions

Many teenagers across the state of Tennessee want to grow up quickly. They want to do things all on their own and be as independent as possible. However, since they are still young and are not always acting maturely, some questionable behavior may occur. There are also instances when the actions of some youth result in juvenile crimes. This was recently the case in an incident in Oak Ridge.

The Oak Ridge Police Department reported that they arrested a juvenile male for supposedly causing explosions. Law enforcement officials searched the young man's vehicle outside Oak Ridge High School. The bomb squad from the Knoxville Police Department assisted with the investigation. The bomb squad's involvement was to ensure safety of those involved, according to reports that stressed that no one was in danger during the incident.

3 things to do if police pull you over for a traffic stop

It will happen to you at some point in your life. One day, you will be heading home from work or running errands and a police officer will pull you over. This may be a frightening and unnerving thought, especially if you are drunk or speeding. After all, traffic stops are never an enjoyable experience.

It may be stressful, but a traffic stop can be quick and smooth if you play your cards right. If you handle yourself correctly, you can have a much more pleasant experience with the cops. Here are some tips for making this undesirable interaction as painless as you can.

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