Understanding Tennessee's Assault And Domestic Assault Laws

In Tennessee, the criminal charge of assault is defined quite broadly. In fact, the state may charge you with this offense if you commit any of the following acts:

If the alleged assault only results in minor injuries, such as scrapes or bruises, it will likely be classified as a simple misdemeanor offense. However, if serious bodily injury occurs, such as broken bones, prosecutors may attempt to charge you with a felony-level offense.

What Is The Difference Between Assault And Domestic Assault?

The main distinction between assault and domestic assault is that the latter occurs between family members or individuals living in the same household ― including spouses, individuals related by blood or couples who are dating or have dated in the past.

While the crime of domestic assault is very similar to regular assault ― except between family members ― a conviction can result in larger fines and additional sentences. For instance, you can permanently lose your right to carry a firearm if convicted, and be required to pay an extra fine that is used to fund family violence shelters.

As with any criminal offense, you need to speak to an experienced lawyer if you are facing assault or domestic assault charges.

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