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Are you overwhelmed by debt and feel hopeless? Does it seem as though the bills are piling up and phone calls from creditors are ceaseless? You are not alone, and you have choices. Whether they are student loans, mortgages, car payments or credit card debt, more than half of the country's population owes money of some kind to one institution or another.

Although intimidating and stressful, these debts are manageable. Let Shults Law Office show you how. Contact us at 865-280-1084 to discuss the ways that we can help you get your financial health back on track starting today.

I'm In Major Debt. What Are My Options?

If you are unable to cover the cost of your living expenses and are finding it increasingly harder to stretch your paycheck due to garnished wages, it may be time to consult a lawyer about debt relief. With the help of an attorney who can review your financial circumstances, you can determine how best to proceed.

The following are various debt relief options in Tennessee that you may be able to pursue:

  • Filing for bankruptcy — This is usually one of the last lines of defense as the process can negatively impact your credit score moving forward.
  • Repayment plans — This allows you to manage and pay your debt through a plan that is overseen by credit counseling professionals.
  • Credit counseling — Work with a certified professional who can advise you on how to manage your debt and create a budget that fits your needs.
  • Debt settlement — These negotiations by you or on your behalf may be able to reduce your debt load.

An Attorney Can Help You Choose Wisely

Our bankruptcy attorney, Katie Jones, understands that the clients who come to us are often facing financial difficulties due to medical debts, overdue taxes and other reasons unrelated to poor spending habits. This is why we work to help these types of clients, and others, to choose the wisest course of action possible. In some instances, a debt relief option may seem appealing but if done incorrectly could cause further issues down the line. Such situations may be avoidable with the help of our attorney.

Seek legal counsel from us today. Set up a free initial consultation at our office in Sevierville to start organizing your finances now. You can schedule a meeting with attorney Michael C. Shults via our online contact form or by calling 865-280-1084.

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