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Increased checkpoints throughout state to reduce drunk driving

The holiday season is often a time of hustle and bustle for Tennessee residents and others across the country. Parties and other gatherings are frequently on the calendars of many people for this time of year. Party attendees may choose to partake of alcoholic beverages during their celebrations. However, after the festivities are over, it is never a good idea to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Law enforcement officials in the state have announced plans to crack down on drunk driving through the end of December.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has developed a program called Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Booze It or Lose It is a statewide effort by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. Many counties throughout Tennessee are partnering with the state agency to conduct their own campaign during December.

11 facing drug charges for alleged marijuana operation

Tennessee law enforcement officials work routinely to curtail the usage, sale and distribution of a variety of illicit drugs. Drug charges in the state can stem from possession to the manufacturing of an illegal substance. Recently 11 people were arrested for their involvement in an alleged distribution operation of marijuana.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported that agents had initially obtained information about this large operation in Oct. 2016. During the investigation, officers purportedly discovered roughly 615 pounds of marijuana. In addition, several firearms were found in the searches.

Alderman facing drunk driving charges, call for removal

Public officials in Tennessee and elsewhere around the country are often criticized for their political views and decisions. On occasion, constituents call for an ouster based on the official's performance in office. However, some Hendersonville residents are asking that an alderman be removed from office following drunk driving charges.

The Hendersonville mayor recently shared a petition signed by residents with other members of the city's Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The petition stated that the alderman from Ward 3 had acted in an unsafe manner while driving and had disregarded public safety laws. The petition came about after reported incidents involving the alderman.

When does drug possession become a felony?

Drugs are a serious problem in the state of Tennessee. In fact, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that nearly 80 percent of all crimes committed in the state are somehow related to drugs of some kind. 

There are numerous factors involved with drug charges, including the type of illegal substance in question as well as how much the police locate. In some cases, drug possession charges merely carry the misdemeanor label while others will instantly qualify as a felony. 

Drug charges related to fentanyl on the rise in Tennessee

Many physicians in Tennessee prescribe fentanyl as a painkiller for their patients. If used properly, this narcotic is very effective for those people dealing with severe pain. However, the state's Department of Health is concerned that deaths will occur as the drug is now being sold illegally. Law enforcement officials also report that drug charges related to fentanyl have increased dramatically over the last five years.

Statistics show that there were 294 fentanyl-related deaths in Tennessee during 2016. This represents an increase of 74 percent from the 169 overdoses in 2015. A neighboring state reported a 176 percent increase in fatalities in the same time period. Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are concerned about the threat to citizens and law enforcement personnel.

10 arrested in Memphis for drug charges

Some investigations by law enforcement agencies are very lengthy and involve multiple organizations working together. This is often the scenario when drug cases are involved. Recent arrests have been made in the western section of Tennessee for a variety of drug charges.

Officers from the Memphis Police Department reported that a task force had been conducting an investigation for around six months. Local, state and federal agencies were all involved in the investigation. A special agent with the Memphis Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that the agency will continue to work with other organizations to rid neighborhoods of alleged drug networks.

Can I be charged with public intoxication?

Tennessee is one of several states that prohibits individuals from being drunk in public. As a college student going to a sporting event or bar to have a few drinks with some friends, you need to be mindful of your actions while you are in public. 

You may not intend to drink enough alcohol to become intoxicated, but you never know how alcohol may affect your body. How much alcohol needed to become intoxicated varies depending on factors such as age, body weight, gender, and what you have had to eat and drink that day, to name a few. If the effects sneak up on you while you are in public, there is the chance that law enforcement could arrest you on public intoxication charges. 

Process for moving juvenile crimes into adult court

Teenagers in Tennessee often act in immature ways. This is understandable since they have not yet reached adulthood. Unfortunately, some teens cross the line of the law and commit juvenile crimes. Many of these types of cases remain in juvenile court. However, some, depending on their severity, may be moved to adult court.

Recently, a freshman student was allegedly attacked at the field house in Grundy County by five of the school's football players. The five players have reportedly been charged with attempted aggravated rape. In another report, a 14-year-old has been accused of shooting someone. That teen has been charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated domestic assault. These two cases have still remained in juvenile court.

Drug charges filed after discovery of marijuana, THC vape liquid

Tennessee law enforcement officials have routinely recovered marijuana in their drug investigations throughout the years. In some cases, officers have found marijuana plants being cultivated, while others have discovered the substance packaged and apparently ready for sale or distribution. Recently, drug charges were filed against two men for allegedly having marijuana in another form.

The Robertson County Sheriff's Office had been participating in an illegal drug activity investigation. After serving a search warrant, police officers entered a home. During the search, police reportedly found 7 pounds of marijuana and 31 vials of THC vape liquid,

Theft and property crimes: Items worth $600,000 recovered

Undercover operations are frequently utilized by law enforcement agencies in Tennessee and other states in the country. Officers often work for many months within various operations before any arrests are made. Recently, several people were arrested in Shelby County for theft and property crimes following a 10-month investigation.

Representatives from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office reported that undercover agents had allegedly purchased a variety of items from 11 different people over the past 10 months. Authorities in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama had previously reported all these items as stolen. Five people were arrested after warrants were issued. While these people are now in custody, officials say that there are additional arrests to come.

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